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9 South Asian Marvel Heroes we Want to see in the Next Avengers

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“Avengers: Infinity War,” the most recent film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has been smashing records at the box office around the globe. With a plot that brought together numerous heroes including Iron Man, Captain America, the Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, Hawk Eye, Black Panther, Spiderman, and the Guardians of the Galaxy team, the epic movie elevated the franchise to new heights.

The Avengers include a wide variety of species, including Gods, aliens, and humans, but before the release of “Black Panther,” there was no representation of people of color in the team. Why not unearth some more equally potent superheroes of color from the shadows now that the door to representation in the Marvel universe has been cracked open?

South Asians are not adequately represented in the Marvel film world. The only other significant characters on the big screen are Ifran Khan in “The Amazing Spiderman” and Karan Soni in the “Deadpool” series, although both are at best small supporting roles. There are plenty of capable and potent South Asian superheroes in the Marvel comics, many of them female, who can fill important positions, so there is no lack of alternatives.

Without giving too much away, “Infinity War” ends on a major cliffhanger, and suffice it to say that the Avengers will require additional support in the subsequent installments of the series. We’ve got a list of some fantastic South Asian Marvel characters who could aid the Avengers.

9 South Asian Heroes we Want to see in Avengers:

1. Ms. Marvel

Kamala Khan, in full
Powers: Because Ms. Marvel is polymorphic, she has the ability to stretch, distort, expand, or compress certain body parts or the entirety of her body. She can heal herself quickly, but only after returning to her human form.

What’s her story?

American-Pakistani Kamala Khan was born and reared in Jersey City, New Jersey. Her family is a typical Indian one: her parents are devout Muslims, and she has an older brother. Kamala leaves her house unnoticed one evening to attend a “cool” party at the Jersey Waterfront. A sad Khan is on her way home after receiving bullying from her peers when the city is suddenly engulfed in the mutagenic Terrigen Mist. The mist is employed in scientific experimentation to produce the Inhumans, a race of mutated humans.

During her coma, Kamala has bizarre images of Captain Marvel, Iron Man, and Captain America. After the vision, she awoke to find herself with superhuman abilities and dressed as a youthful Carol Danvers, the first Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel.

The only person who knows the truth about Kamala’s haphazard attempts to manage and use her powers is her best buddy Bruno. While defending Jersey City from villains like The Inventor and terrorist inhuman cells, she struggles to maintain a healthy balance with her strict parents.

2. Omega Sentinel

Real Name: Karima Shapandar Strength: As the Omega Sentinel, Karima possesses superhuman strength, regenerative powers, the ability to fly, and a variety of weaponry thanks to advanced nanotechnology. She also possesses a cloaking device that enables her to remain undetected.

What’s her story?

India’s Karima Shapandar is a police officer. Bastion captures the two while assisting Neal Shaara in finding his missing brother, Sanjit. In order to build an international anti-mutant force, Bastion, a villain, turns people into Sentinels, “sleeper agents” with the ability to morph and kill when mutants are nearby. Bastion climbs to prominence inside the American government. Karima is changed by Bastion into Omega Prime Sentinel, and we learn that Neal’s brother was also changed. Neal’s latent mutant talents began to emerge as a result of Bastion’s attempts to turn him. Before she transforms to save Neal, Karima makes Neal leave after becoming conscious of her Sentinel powers.
Her programming can later be changed by Charles Xavier and Magneto, but her body’s technical changes are irreversible. On the devastated mutant nation of Genosha, Karima trains to be a police officer.

3. Thunderbird

Real name: Neal Shaara Powers: Neal has the capacity to change heat into solar plasma, and he also has the capacity to do so for the entirety of his body. Through his eyes or limbs, he can control and project beams of sun plasma. He has the ability to emit both potent energy and blinding light from his body.

What’s his story?

Neal Shaara teams up with Officer Karima Shapandar to look for his brother Sanjit, and the two get close and eventually fall in love. Bastion, an American supervillain, kidnaps both of them shortly after. Neal learns that Sanjit, his brother, has been changed into a Sentinel, an experimental creature programmed to eliminate mutants. Karima and Neal were also going to be transformed into Sentinels by Bastion, and although Karima became an Omega Prime Sentinel, Neal’s latent mutant abilities were going to be activated during the morphing process.
Bastion’s plan fails, and Neal uses his solar plasma powers to completely demolish the structure around him. Karima makes Neal leave before she transforms to save him because Neal’s brother was able to defeat Bastion’s other Sentinels by fighting against his Sentinel training.

Neal struggles with his mutant traits and gets in touch with Moira MacTaggert, a geneticist and Nobel Prize winner who established the Mutant Research Center on Muir Island. Why he is given the name Thunderbird is unknown. In the future, Neal joins Storm’s X-Treme X-Men squad.

4. Timeslip

Rina Patel, full name
Powers: Within her own consciousness, Timeslip possesses the capacity to travel through time. She has the ability to project her awareness into either the past or the future. Sometimes she also experiences visions.

What’s her story?

Indian-born mutant Rina Patel was born in Palo Alto, California. She had dreams about the future since she was very little. She has the ability to switch bodies with her present or former selves. She spends several years perfecting her skills before she can navigate through time with accuracy.

Speedball, a member of the New Warriors, appears to be in difficulty in Rina’s dreams. She ends up saving a fake named Darrion Grobe from the year 2092 rather than the actual Speedball. In order to prevent his father from evolving into the robot Advent, Darrion journeyed back in time. Though first dubious, the New Warriors quickly welcome Rina and give her the name Timeslip. Darrion Grobe and his father are defeated with the aid of Rina.

5. Vesper

As Vesper, Raani Jatwinder assumes the part. Marvel Wiki Page, image/media source
Raani Jatwinder, full name
Vesper possesses psychic abilities as well as technopathy, the capacity to control technology.

What’s her story?

The history of Vesper, the other members of her Genetix team, and the British doctor Oonagh Mullarkey are mostly unknown. They all have fake memories and fabricated backgrounds thanks to Dr. Mullarkey’s studies, even though some of them may have been latent or active mutants. They were all modified to have a monitoring harness that enables them to better manage, focus, and grow their powers. The Genetix squad was able to escape after learning that Dr. Mullarkey’s plans were wicked and that their memories were fake during a battle with Prime Evil. Vesper apparently finds the team’s history files, but the information was never revealed to the readers.

6. Excalibur

Real Name: Dr. Faiza Hussain Abilities: Excalibur has the ability to paralyze targets while they are still conscious and manipulate them at the atomic level to disintegrate, reassemble, and cure them all.

What’s her story?

A second generation Pakistani-British physician, Dr. Faiza Hussain practices medicine. She is the child of Dr. Yusuf Hussain, a human who was subsequently transformed into a vampire, and Dr. Farida Hussain, the former owner of Excalibur. One of the few hijabi superheroes we have is her.

When the Skrull aliens attacked London, she was working in triage there. An alien beam knocks her unconscious as she is giving her all on the battlefield and assisting the Black Knight, Dane Whitman. She had a dream about King Arthur’s famed sword, Excalibur, while she was unconscious, and when she awoke, she realized she possessed the ability to paralyze and transform people into living cross-sections. She was able to extract Excalibur from a rock after beating the Skrull and took over as its new owner.

7. Enigma

Enigma, another name for Tara Virango, made her debut in the Spiderman television series.
True identity: Tara Virango
Powers: Superhuman attributes including agility, speed, strength, and the capacity to fly are possessed by Enigma. She has a talent for making escapes.

What’s her story?

Tara Virango, a native of Bangladesh, has superhuman strength and abilities after contracting a nanovirus mutation. According to reports, the CIA hires AGK, Inc. to create a nano-virus that boosts latent mutant powers. The inhabitants of the small Bangladeshi town of Malpura were used as test subjects for the new technology, but they ended up killing 4,000 people. Tara’s abilities were also given to her by this nano-virus.

Years later, she moved to New York City, where she contacts Spiderman for assistance in getting back at AGK, Inc. She was able to show him all the sorrow and pain AGK had brought about by mentally sharing her memories with him. In order to exact her vengeance, Tara adopted the persona of Enigma and modeled her abilities after the Buddhist deity Tara.

8. Indra

Real name: Paras Gavaskar Powers: Indra possesses a retractable exoskeleton that allows his body to conjure a variety of armors, such as a rhinoceros beetle or a suit of armor from the Middle Ages. He is impervious to injury and retractable weapons like powerful knives, and possesses superhuman resilience.

What’s his story?

Paras, an Indian teen who is mutant, enrolls in the Xavier Institute under the name Indra. Indra was one of the few mutant students that kept his powers after the M-Day tragedy, which caused many of the students with mutant traits to lose them. After escaping the sorcerer Belasco’s capture with the help of the institute’s students, he moves to the X-base Men’s in San Francisco and eventually to Utopia. He starts seeing Rogue for counseling as a result of a conflict with himself over betraying his Jain beliefs.

Indra’s family even conned him into traveling to India to organize his arranged marriage to Vaipala Rani, but the ceremony was called off due to turmoil involving supervillains and bride-swapping. Even mutant heroes are powerless against planned marriages and desi parents.

9. Dust

Real name: Sooraya Qadir Powers: Sand and dust can be controlled. Sandstorms can also be caused by dust. She is adept at hand-to-hand combat, immune to other people’s psychic powers, and possesses superhuman skin, bone, and muscles, making it difficult to harm her. Her skills also make it challenging to magically identify her.

What’s her story?In Afghanistan, Sooraya Qadir was sold into slavery as a young child; Wolverine frees her from the slave trade. She is delivered by Wolverine to the Mumbai X-Corporation base in India, but the X-Men are able to find her by turning her into dust. Phoenix, who telepathically persuades Sooraya to expose herself after detecting her presence.

When Dust enrolls in the Xavier Institute, Professor Xorn places her in the Special Class to assist her in adjusting to the new setting. Dust was wary of Xorn’s intentions and even cautions Professor X, but Xorn gave the impression that she was out of control. Professor X’s position at the institution is under threat from Xorn. Xorn is vanquished by Dust and the other X-Men. After M-Day, Dust joins the Hellions team under Emma Frost while still possessing her abilities. Although this group of rebels puts her beliefs, morals, and traditions to the test, she still stands by her squad.

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