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‘All Elite Wrestling’ Star Jeff Hardy Arrested Once Again, Booked in Volusia County for Felony DUI

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Charged With Felony DUI…

The American professional wrestler Jeff Hardy, real name Jeffrey Nero Hardy, has been detained once more. According to jail records, the All Elite Wrestling (AEW) wrestler was arrested in Florida’s Volusia County on Monday morning (June 13). Find out more about the accusations against him by reading on.

‘All Elite Wrestling’ Star Jeff Hardy Arrested Once Again, Booked in Volusia County for Felony DUI

Charged With Felony DUI…

Jeff Hardy, also known as Jeffrey Nero Hardy, was detained on Monday morning and lodged in Volusia County, Florida. He is well-known for his time spent in the WWE and TNA. The 44-year-old wrestler is once again accused of felony DUI, although the specifics of the complaint against him are unclear from court documents.

This time, Jeff Hardy is charged with breaking the restrictions on his license as well as driving when his license is suspended, revoked, or cancelled. He is reportedly scheduled to appear in court today for a hearing on the subject, according to court records.

Jeff Hardy has been charged with drunk driving three times since the year 2018; the most recent accusation is this one. After being involved in an automobile accident, he had previously faced two DWI charges in North Carolina and South Carolina. Hardy has previously fought other charges as well.

Hardy’s a Habitual Offender

Hardy’s a Habitual Offender

Despite having a great career as a wrestler, Hardy is well-known for his occasional run-ins with the law. Jeff, who is also well-known for his love of motocross, was previously detained for public intoxication on July 13, 2019, in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Additionally, in Moore County, North Carolina, he was detained and accused of driving while intoxicated in October of the same year.

Hardy was previously detained in 2009 on suspicion of possessing anabolic steroids and trafficking controlled prescription medications. Authorities conducted a comprehensive search and discovered 180 prescription Soma tablets, 555 milliliters of anabolic steroids, 262 prescription Vicodin pills, a small quantity of powder cocaine, and drug paraphernalia.

On September 8, 2011, Hardy was found guilty of the aforementioned crimes and given a sentence that included ten days in jail, 30 months of probation, and a $100,000 fine. As of right now, based on his illustrious past, it appears that he might go to jail once more.

Jeff Hardy is renowned for his outstanding singles career. In 2008, he won the WWE Championship, the first of his six global titles. He also twice held the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Not only that, but Hary also tripled his victories in the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

He has also won the Hardcore Championship three times, the European, Light Heavyweight, and the United States Championships, as well as the Intercontinental Championship five times within the WWF/WWE. Pro Wrestling Illustrated twice named him the “Most Popular Wrestler of the Year.”

The tag team “Hardy Boyz,” which consists of Jeff Hardy and his brother Matt Hardy, is known as one of the best tag teams in the annals of professional wrestling. It was interesting that he was supposed to compete against his brother Matt in a contest. The combat may or may not take place right now, though. For more information about Hardy’s release, keep reading.

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