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“All Of Us Are Dead” Release Date and Other Updates

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tle About The Cast Of ‘All Of Us Are Dead’

Korean dramas are popular right now. Another significant Korean program, “All Of Us Are Dead,” was recently revealed by Netflix. But what do we currently know about the program? nearly anything The show’s plot is one that fans will undoubtedly love.

“All Of Us Are Dead” Release Date and Other Updates
The zombie apocalypse has locked a group of students at their school. The well-liked webcomic Now at Our School served as inspiration for the upcoming show All Of Us Are Dead. Everything, including the release date and additional changes, is available right here.

‘All Of Us Are Dead’ Release Date & Time

‘All Of Us Are Dead’ Release Date & Time

Following the popular Netflix original series Kingdom, All of Us Are Dead is ready to start a fascinating new chapter in the Korean zombie genre.

This eight-episode zombie drama’s premiere date has already been made public. On January 28, 2021, the drama All Of Us Are Dead will be released. A recent official date announcement teaser was also made available by “Netflix.”

Don’t worry if you have questions about the show’s timing. We have your back. Below is a mention of it.

12 AM Pacific Standard Time
Eastern Standard Time: 3 AM
Time Zone: GMT 8 p.m.
9 a.m. Central European Time
India Time: IST 1.30
Time Zone Philippines: PHT 4
Time in Korea: 5:00 PM KST
Time in Australia: 6.30 PM ACDT

All Of Us Are Dead Date Announcement

Don’t you think it’s time to view the teaser now that you know when the show will air? As you can see from the teaser, everyone is turning into zombies and the planet is experiencing the worst kind of apocalypse.
Now, zombies are outrunning the entire school. Will you swarm together to survive, run away and die, or both? You may view the official teaser below.

tle About The Cast Of ‘All Of Us Are Dead’

tle About The Cast Of ‘All Of Us Are Dead’

Due to the youthful age range of the characters in this show, high school students will be portrayed more accurately.
Lee Yoo-mi, a fan favorite competitor from the “Squid Game,” is also a member of the cast, however it is yet unclear what her role will be. Once the show debuts, we’ll learn more about her role.

Currently, there are five members of the main cast. The show will also include additional cast members.
Chung-san (Yoon Chan-young)
On-jo (Park Ji-hoo) (Park Ji-hoo)
Nam-ra (Choi Yi-hyun)
Soo-hyuk Lee (Park Solomon)
Gwi-nam Yoon (Yoo In-soo)
It is difficult to wait for the show’s debut, but it will only be a few days. Please share your excitement about this show in the comments section below.

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