The 10 Best Portable Wifi Hotspots in 2022 Reviews

Portable Wifi Hotspots

Well, it is simple to assemble your friends and family and just book the tickets for an overseas trip, but going there in this modern day without an internet connection may feel detached and separated from the virtual world.

How would you upload your holiday images when visiting London Bridge or the Eiffel Tower if you didn’t have internet on your overseas trip?

You can supposedly borrow a shady WIFI network or buy a local throwaway sim card, but if you’re traveling worldwide and want to spend your money on dining or seeing the sights, you wouldn’t spend a lot of money on sim cards, would you?

I didn’t think so, and I believe you will require a personal WIFI hotspot for your vacation. They are convenient and provide sufficient WIFI speed for you to upload those amazing photos to make your friends or family envious.

List Of 10 Best Portable Wifi Hotspots in 2022 Reviews:

10. Komfi Portable 4G WIFI Dongle

This little portable WIFI modem is first on the list. This is a simple modem that is particularly effective if you are traveling or working in an office where your internet activity is being monitored, or if your present internet is being taken off for whatever reason at home.

When a 4G sim is inserted, this 4G router modem can share WIFI, and believe me when I tell it is really simple. When you insert your SIM card, it automatically determines the speed given by the SIM card network and shares WIFI with you based on that. It is broadband-free, making it an all-in-one portable gadget.

Now, in terms of connectivity, it supports 3G/4G networks, and the bandwidth this device supports is FDD LTE: B1, B3, B5 UMTS: 2100MHz EVDO: 800 MHz, which is sufficient for completing a limited amount of work.

The versatility is limitless, so it can be brought anywhere at any time by just plugging in the sim card and inserting the USB drive into any USB port nearby, such as a car laptop computer, and you know how far technology has progressed that even bus stops now have USB outlets.


Both 3G and 4G can be routed.
It can handle both LTE and FDD bandwidth.
It is lightweight and has a contemporary design.
No requirement for broadband because it uses a SIM card.

9. MightyWifi Worldwide High-Speed Hotspot

This round-shaped item, on the other hand, is one of the best internet offers. The 16-band frequency capability allows this device to connect to local and international networks, since it gives worldwide coverage to 150+ countries.

As I previously stated, it provides the best online discounts, with 300GB of internet data for 90 USD, 50GB of data for 50 USD, and even 10GB of data for 20 USD for 30 days. Aside from that, it comes with 3GB of data out of the box.

Furthermore, this organization has been operating in the modern technology age since 2003, offering consumers with reliability and trust.


It is the best value online because it starts with a variety of bundles.
Supports 3G/4G networks.
Around 150+ nations are covered globally.
Its 16-band frequency allows it to connect both locally and internationally.

8. GlocalMe G4 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot

You might be asking why a smartphone is included among WIFI hotspots. You’re incorrect; this is a smart WIFI hotspot, not a smartphone, to keep you connected on your vacation.

Not only does this device look like a smartphone, but it also functions like one. I agree that you cannot play games or watch videos while traveling, however you may use the built-in trip planner for navigating.

Not only that, but it also offers high-speed WIFI internet without the need for a SIM card, making it internationally accessible and capable of supporting multiple bandwidths.

With WiFi speeds of up to 150 Mbps download and 50 Mbps upload, this device also includes a 3900 mAh battery that can last up to three days and can charge your smartphone on the move.

Personal WIFI hotspot power bank appeals to me since it provides variety and flexibility while traveling.


It offers an initial data network of 1 GB internationally and 8 GB in North America.
It’s a smart WIFI hotspot that shares some of your smartphone’s functions.
4G data speeds of up to 150 Mbps download and 50 Mbps upload are available.
It has a 3900 mAH battery that can be used as a power bank when needed.

7. Skyroam Solis X: WIFI Smart spot

This one-of-a-kind WIFI hotspot is sleek and sophisticated in appearance. With fast and secure 4G LTE connectivity in 130 countries across the world, the device also has a remote camera, a power bank, and integrated smart assistance, giving it variety and flexibility.

While we’re on the subject of features, the hotspot is the biggest attraction, but it offers comparable connectivity speeds to its competitors. As a result, what were supposed to be vital features became optional features.

For example, a camera that can shoot 720p video with autofocus and features an 8MP wide-angle lens is one of a kind. Aside from that, it boasts a massive 4700 mAh battery that can last days while charging your smartphone on the road, and you can even purchase a hotel stay or a plane ticket using the smart assistant.

Covering the WIFI plans now allows the connection to be shared by up to ten devices at the same time. Skyroam makes it easy for their consumers by offering data plans based on their needs, starting at $6.


Around 130 countries’ bandwidth is supported.
It has a camera, can be used as a power bank, and has a built-in smart assistant.
To gain clients’ trust, the organization offers reasonable WIFI plans.

6. RAVPower Filehub- Travel Router N300, Hotspot WIFI Device

It is not only different from the other WIFI routers on our list, but it is also significantly different from them. Yes, this RavPower Filehub/Travel Router is unique in its class! It features a basic WIFI speed of N300 and can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously.

Yes! It has an in-app camera that activates or works within 10 meters of WIFI, but the best part is that it also functions as a file transfer device. Let me explain why you might want to export your images, movies, and music to free up space on your phone or tablet if your storage is full.

Well, this device not only makes it simple to transfer files to an SD card, but it also allows you to transfer data to an external hard drive. I could see it being useful in a variety of situations, such as while traveling and your tour camera’s storage is full.


In comparison to broadband, it provides a fast and secure WIFI connection.
It comes with an in-app camera.
It functions as a file transfer hub.

5. Huawei E5573Cs-609 WIFI Hotspot Router

This Huawei 4G LTE WIFI hotspot is a trustworthy gadget for travelers on the eastern half of the globe, and it also supports network connections in Europe, America, the Middle East, and other locations.

The key feature of this device is that it is unlocked and can be used with any sim card, allowing for greater network inventiveness. On the bandwidth and support page, it can support a bandwidth range of 2100/1800/850/2600/700 MHz; 3G UMTS 850/2100 MHz.

It does not, however, support or work with 3G CDMA/EVDO networks. Aside from that, it offers a massive 150Mbps and 43.5Mbps of 3G download speeds, and it’s fashionable and slim enough to fit into your gadget bag.


It offers a 150Mbps 4G connection.
It’s unlocked and works with any SIM card.
Supports a wide bandwidth range.

4. Huawei E5577Cs-321 4G LTE Mobile WIFI Hotspot

This slim yet ideal Huawei WIFI hotspot device comes in handy in a variety of situations. First and foremost, it is unlocked, making it adaptable and versatile; second, it enables 4G LTE on the go for improved connectivity and internet performance.

While we’re on the subject of internet speed, this device’s speed is impressive, as it offers a whooping 150Mbps in 4G LTE cheval and 43.2Mbps in 3G.

So, take advantage of your mobile internet. The list of goodies doesn’t stop there; there’s also a TFT LCD screen with an LCD UI and several languages to pick from.

Furthermore, it has a 6 hour run duration and a 300 hour standby time with the 802.11a/b/g/n process.


It does an excellent job of delivering WIFI access and performs flawlessly.
Provides 4G speeds of 150Mbps and 3G speeds of 43.2Mbps.
The battery can run for up to 6 hours and standby for up to 300 hours.
A TFT LCD screen is available for changing settings or language.

3. NETGEAR Nighthawk M1 Mobile Hotspot

Yes, this futuristic WIFI hotspot device is not from the future! It is present in our day. This beautiful and modern WIFI hotspot device is a highly helpful piece of technology that can connect 20 devices at once and is unlocked to use with any sim card.

Sticking to the topic or using the same SIM card Yes, the company offers data plans, however you may use any local sim card with it. It delivers a fascinating internet speed to the user by supporting a wide variety of bandwidth and 3G/4G LTE connectivity.

With a rechargeable battery capacity of 5040mAh, it can run continuously for an entire day and also functions as a power bank for the user. In terms of design, it boasts a 2.4-inch LCD that allows you to keep track of your data consumption, battery life, and signal strength.


It may simultaneously connect up to 20 devices.
It’s unlocked, so you may use it with any sim card you choose.
Supports a wide bandwidth range as well as 3G/4G LTE.
It has a 2.4-inch LCD display that is useful for data monitoring.

2. GL.iNet GL-AR750S-Ext Gigabit Travel AC Router

Other than a WIFI hotspot, this 2019 CES innovation award winner has a lot to offer in this price range. It includes a dual antenna band for high-speed data connectivity with wireless speeds ranging from 300Mbps (2.4G) to 433Mbps (5G), making it the first device on our list to enable 5G.

Leaving that aside, you may use any public network, whether wired or wireless, to create your own secure WiFi. It’s an open-source, programmable gadget that comes pre-loaded with OpenWrt/LEDE and is backed up by a software repository.

Approaching the storage Yes, it has ample expandable built-in storage. It features 128MB RAM, 16MB NOR Flash, 128MB NAND Flash, and a slot for a 128GB micro SD card.


It gives dual-band speed simultaneously.
It comes pre-installed with OpenVPN and WireGuard®.
The first gadget to provide data access at 5G speeds.

1. USA Gear Portable WIFI Hotspot

This is a product for not only tourists but also individuals who enjoy sports experiences. It is a simple and elegant WIFI hotspot gadget that gives a standard level of connectivity with a wide range of bandwidth.

This product stands out because it comes with a tough hard-shell case to protect the device from bumps, falls, and other mishaps. So go hiking and trekking with your family and friends to feel more connected.


It has a trendy and contemporary appearance.
It has enough speed to keep you connected when you’re on the run.
It comes with a tough hard-shell case that protects it from drops and bumps.


It is critical in this technological age to feel virtually connected to the rest of the globe. WIFI hotspots are therefore useful in these situations. This is simply a list of the greatest bargains on WIFI hotspots available online or in your local store.

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